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    Cure reservation thalasso euronat

    Euronat Thalassotherapy offers a wide variety of tailored programs to suit your desires and needs.


    Our treatments, rich in minerals and trace elements, aim to recharge your body and boost your immune defenses, providing a sense of well-being and vitality throughout the year.


    Expertise and well-being are the cornerstones of your stay with us, by the Atlantic Ocean. Book your treatment now!

    What is the difference between a thermal cure and a thalassotherapy cure?

    Thermal cures and thalassotherapy cures share some similarities but also have significant differences to consider.

    Firstly, a thermal cure is a treatment that uses natural mineral water to improve health. Thermal waters have many specific properties and can be used to alleviate health issues such as arthritis, digestive disorders, dermatology, etc.


    On the other hand, thalassotherapy uses seawater to improve health and well-being. Seawater contains beneficial minerals for health and is used to treat various conditions, including circulatory problems, muscular and joint pain, and chronic fatigue.

    Our thalassotherapy center offers baths, showers, and wraps using seaweed and other sea products.


    Thermal cures are often located in mountain towns or villages, while thalassotherapy centers are typically situated on the coast. Thermal cures are often medically oriented and may be reimbursed by social security. In contrast, thalassotherapy cures focus more on well-being and are not reimbursable.


    It is essential to consider your goals and preferences before choosing the treatment that best meets your needs, even though both approaches are beneficial for improving health and well-being.

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