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Actualités et offres

The Bodysculpt

Instrumental palpating-rolling method to visibly reshape the figure, smooth out dimples and firm the skin.

~ 1 session 55 € ~


The Cryosculpt

New slimming technology with a triple action : localised cryotherapy, electrostimulation on targeted areas and thermotherapy. The slimming and firming effects are rapidly visible.

~ 1 session 100 € ~

Actualités et offres spéciales


First professional equipment combining 4 advanced
technologies : Sono-vibration, sequential ultrasound, tripolar radio-frequency and fibrolysis, with proven effectiveness, non-aggressive and totally safe.

actualités et offres spéciales

Travel to the 4 corners of the world

Polynesia, the Indian Sea, the Arctic Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean, go on a real world tour and an unforgettable sensory experience.
Massages, half-day rituals or a full 4-day treatment, choose your moment of well-being.


Actualités et Offres spéciales

Special Thalasso escape

6 treatments - 175 € (instead of 190 €)
1 marine aera, 1 body scrub, 1 seaweed and marine mud wrap, 1 precious wrap and the hydromassage bath, 1 seawater affusion shower or jet shower

Actualités et offres spéciales

5 treatments card

5 treatments - 170 €
Treatments offered : Seaweed and marine mud wrap - Hydromassage bath with essential oils - Special jet shower - Affusion shower
(valid for 6 months)

Actualités et offres

-10% discount on your treatment

-10% discount on your treatment for any reservation made one month in advance, accompanied by a deposit of 100 € per treatment.

actualités et offres

Facial treatments

To be chosen from the range of 1 hour 15 mins treatments Valid for the current year.
3 facials Package 250 €
6 facials Package 450 €

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