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Euronatimmo will advise you through all the steps of your project:


To help you evaluate your property, to promote your property on our website,


to acquire the necessary authorisations and certificates, to assist you with the solicitor.


The Euronatimmo agency was established in 2004.


As an estate agency for new housing and resale, it has carried out more than 150 transactions for owners and new first-time homeowners in the Euronat centre.


Euronatimmo is more than a simple estate agency:


created originally as a link between owners and Euronat, it has become the main contact for all property matters, helping all our loyal clients and all those who are in love with a natural way of life, open space and the ocean, to become owners at Euronat.


The Euronatimmo team, based in the Euronat centre, is multilingual and has a perfect knowledge of the site and the available property, enabling all those wishing to become Euronat owners to fulfil their project in the best conditions.

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Information and visits :


Contact Erika Laviolette


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With our new chalets: make your dream come true

Take a look at our different models of new chalets.

The three-bedroom Landais or the Girondin can be customised:
You can add a room or a carport, enlarge the openings with bay windows to take advantage of nature
and its natural light.

Choose the atmosphere of your future interior, by choosing the colours of your walls,
the materials in a wide range of products such as floating parquet
with different types of wood or even your choice of floor tiles.

Add a fireplace or a wood stove or double the terrace or even, make a second one.

Make your future property your own.



Euronat Chalets neufs

Chalet 3 bedrooms

73 m²
  • livingroom,
  • 3 bedrooms,
  • bathroom and toilet,
  • carport on demand
  • 26m² terrace
  • Please consult us for our prices




Chalet 3 bedrooms

97 m²
  • spacious living-room,
  • 3 bedrooms,
  • 2 bathrooms and toilet,
  • garage
  • Please consult us for our prices


Individual chalets available at Euronatimmo

Euronatimmo, Euronat’s estate agency, offers you a wide choice of individual chalets for sale,
from the Aquitaine chalet to the largest chalets, you are bound to find the chalet you like.

Our prices include agency fees payable by the seller (unless otherwise stated) and exclude acquisition fees.

The surface areas are given as an indication and are neither contractual nor binding.

Non-contractual photos


Mobile homes for sale by Euronatimmo

Euronatimmo offers pre-owned mobile homes for sale.
A large choice is available to suit all budgets.

Our prices include agency fees payable by the seller (unless otherwise stated) and exclude acquisition fees.

For more information contact Erika Laviolette.


Euronatimmo’s semi-detached houses

For those on a moderate budget, Euronatimmo offers a selection of semi-detached houses.
These are one or two roomed studios, or even two bedroomed apartments, the Périgord.

Our prices include agency fees payable by the seller (unless otherwise stated) and exclude acquisition fees. 


The prices of the properties on offer are exclusive of acquisition costs.

Our agency fees are, unless otherwise stated, payable by the seller.

Professional card 33012016000010379 issued by the CCI of Bordeaux.

In the event of a dispute and after having referred the matter to the establishment’s customer service,
any customer has the possibility to refer the matter to a consumer mediator,
within a maximum period of one year, from the date of the written complaint,
by registered letter with recorded delivery, to the operator.
The details of the mediator likely to be seized by the customer are as follows :
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